Friday, December 10, 2010

Who Is The Mindreader?

A while ago Corey Burke was weekly magic failure. He either doesn't know or doesn't care, as I am still getting his newsletter. Right now he is doing advertisement for a soon to be released product called: The Revelation Effect.

According to Mr. Burke he does it for a friend called "The Mind Reader". Well whatever!

But what is "The Revelation Effect"?

Both pre launch websites are bullshitting you into loving this upcoming product.
Number 1: telling you all the 3 common truth secrets to become a great mentalist.
Number 2: telling you an anecdote which is probably a lie, yet even if true, doesn't tell you how good the product is.

So if I get this right, and I might be dead wrong here, the following has taken place. Corey Burke who is The Mind Reader does a series of free tricks, by that method he gets a lot of people to subscribe to his newsletter. The whole purpose is to have a lot of people's email addresses interested in magic.

Now he can write up his bullshit, about a probably not so great mentalism effect, and hype that stuff before it gets released, probably selling a few copies more.

This might be good business practise, but I feel a bit used. Just saying.


Stijn Hommes said...

Don't worry. Most people rely on independant reviews before buying an effect and if it's really that bad, the truth will out. Right now the spam is retained to email, because I can't find anything about it online.

Harry said...

I believe that the magician in the video is from Brisbane, Australia.
His name is Xavier. His website is
There is nothing on the website, it is parked with a holding page.

Harry said...

You can see video of Xavier here:
Performance from one year ago.
All I can say is his career must have come a long way in 12 months if he is now able to perform "THE ULTIMATE MENTALISM AND MIND READING TRICK"!

KiKeNiCo said...

Thank you Harry for that finding.Now we now that these people not only exploit Derren Brown videos for self promotion, but also his presentations as an "homage".

As per the TRICK OF THE (last couple of)CENTURY itself: "You ask someone to think of something, anything...they tell no one,yet you know have the "powa"`to reveal that secret thought...anywhere, anytime, to anyone...100% impromptu". And then you see a pen and a slit of paper.Yeah, they "tell" no one.


Xavier said...
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Ben said...

I just bought this product and I have to say it's great. I know most of the comments are negative but I need to defend this guy and the videos cause it's really frusting me that magician's like yourself are so immature. Obviously before I bought it I did a bit of rearch on the net and found a few posts on the cafe etc ...but i totally disagee... i love it and i'm sure heaps of other people do too...anyway that's just my opinion!!

kdiddy said...

I agree...i just found this link through the magic cafe and even though I haven't bought it...reading all the comments...i think all this hype and ranting is enough. I think what he or the group or the site is a good thing for magic. It's looks like a great effect...good quailty and get's more people performing these things are NOT scams..get with the times guys!!