Monday, December 13, 2010

WMF Xavier de Soul

I am not sure if Xavier de Soul, a magician from Brisbane, Australia is just the poster child of this recent cheap way to get your money or if he is responsible for it. But here he is, teaching you all about the Poker Face Effect:

So what is this load of BS? Well it is one of the free bonuses that you will get when you order The Revelation Effect. What's that you ask? Have you not heard of The Revelation Effect? It is the hottest thing in mentalism right now.

So hot that even the letters are burning.

But here is what it really is: A way to get your money for Millard Longman’s Acidus Novus (To my knowledge without legal rights) and will not make you a better magician/mentalist.

Learn about the scam right here and here

I have did my share about ranting about this particular kind of selling magic to the community. Usually the people behind it try to hide there name. Only a few, like Lou Serrano, stand up for this with their name.

Xavier made no attempt to have his name on the website. His own website is no longer working and only the fake that someone recognized him (thanks Harry) made it possible for me to tell you who he is.

Xavier promises a money back guarantee. How can he, if he is not even standing up for this with his own name.

Interesting side note: All the name in the testimonials are fake. I googled them.

Mike Renshaw
is a football player
Michael O'Connel is a writer and comedian
Avi Hoffman is a comedian

Magneto from Mexico (actually a music band) claims that he bought the trick 6 month ago. Obviously a fake testimonial, as the website was first up two days ago.

So we got fake testimonials, the usual sales BS and a product that is more than questionable. The maker remains anonymous and there is the usual affiliate program scam to generate free advertisement.

How can I not make Xavier a Weekly Magic Failure.


Harry said...

This same scam was being pushed 6 months ago, but it was called "The Revelation Technique".
There was a lot of comment on the Magic Cafe:
It disappeared without trace. The website is no longer active:

Groovebird said...

Damn, this is just the dumbest trick I have ever seen.
Someone with basic card skills can
figure this out in 2 minutes.
Maybe we can ask the guys from 4chan to hunt him down and burn him on the stake :D