Friday, November 21, 2014


I think once in a while we need to be reminded of the great magicians around us. The ones that make us feel dwarfed by their presence. Those who keep the art in an eternal process of improvement.

Case in point Dr. Gertes:

I want you to marvel at all the little things that you won't pick up right away. The long rubbing of the wand and the hands to prove the objects are the way they are. The poetic insinuating overtones of sexual anticipation, cleverly disguised by the symbol of light going into a blossom of a rose that came out of nowhere.

This is deep shit man.

The choice of music allures even the most rational guy to bow down to the magic impossibilites of three lit lamps appearing.

This is magic at it's finest. As long as there is such wonderful magic out there, there is no need to mention it on my blog.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Simple Design

Maybe this is something for certain magicians... I'm not judging. There was a time in my magic life where I would have loved that thing. What thing? This thing: The Gothic Chop Cup by the Big Bild Media

Do you see the design flaw? Since this is a Chop Cup, it means that the cup itself will be upside down most of the time. So why is the skull design on the cup not upside down as well?

Here, I used my mad photoshop skillz to fix this:

Doesn't it look better? How is this overlook in the design phase of a product?

The same hold true for most paddles which have an image on the paddle. Like this one!