Thursday, December 16, 2010

Update on Xavier de Soul

Now he's raping Nick Trost. Eight Card Brainwave.


Stijn Hommes said...

And he even has the guts to add a copyright warning as if it is his effect...

Anonymous said...

It needs raping...a 3 year old would spot the answer.

Stijn Hommes said...

It might look obvious to us magicians, but why do you think the effect works on an audience?

Don't judge an effect on anything but its effect on laypeople.

Anonymous said...

This WMF is the epitomy of whats wrong with magic.

We see a lot of WMF's who are ripping off other magicians or who are exposing magic. But you know what,the reason why its easy to expose stuff like this is because its simplistic tat.

I don't see many effects exposed that need a bit of work and skill to pull off ?

So yes Roland can slate this non entity for exposing a crappy trick but the real WMF's are the morons who buy this type of trick in the first place because they are too stupid to be able to work out a simple concept for themselves. And the other WMF's are the folk who sell this kind of thing, do nothing to raise the bar for magic but to coin themselves a bit of cash selling tat to tossers ( And starting the whole exposure cycle !!!)

The fact that Roland and others can fixate on idiots like Xavier shows how low magic really is in the scheme of things. Have we not got more important issues like making our art fit for the 21st Century. Something we are ALL failing at.

Trickster said...

Hey Mike, do you actually perform for real people or just other magicians?

The reason I ask, is that I have been using this trick as part of a larger routine for years now, and the responses are wonderful. I originally learnt it from an Ammar video and have altered the patter extensively, but to say this trick is tat (oddly that's also my wife's name) makes me think you have simply looked at it as a magician and never actually performed it for real audiences. Not once have I been called out on it, and my patter actually has me do it 2 or 3 times on occasions.
It's certainly not worthy of being sold as an individual trick, more appropriate to include with a larger collection (like one of Ammar's videos), but to call it crap really does make me question your understanding of magic as it relates to and is received by, lay audiences.

I also find it interesting that you want to lay the blame and make WMF's of those who buy it or other crap. Are you that up your self that you think every one should think like you and that if they don't know as much as you they are morons?
Xavier is a dick and a deserving WMF, but I suspect you are too.

Hey Roland, I nominate Mike for a WMF for simply being an arrogant prick who pretends he knows more about magic than he actually does and for not judging effects by the reactions of a lay audience, but by his own messed up logic (or lack there of) Oh, and his profile pic is about as clichéd as one can get.

Trickster said...

Oh, I should also add that I do it a hell of a lot better than Xavier does, but a 3 year old could do it better than him.