Thursday, December 9, 2010


A little off topic rant. But getting closer and closer to the holidays a few things piss me off. In the mall, there is a huge line, each one buying Christmas gifts. How come that only after every single item is scanned and the total amount is added up the people get the bright ideas to get out their wallet. And usually it is somewhere inconvenient. At the bottom of the rucksack for example. Damn! Seriously, what is so difficult to have the wallet in the hand as the items are scanned? It's a riddle to me!

Also, I travel a lot by train. Why do women tend to carry luggage that is heavier than they can lift? The room in a train is not really big. The suitcases are barely fitting in the narrow corridors. Now two people cross. Each one dragging a heavy piece of luggage behind them. But as soon as they meet they realize that there is no way to pass next to each other, except to lift one suitcase over the other. Naturally it is a hilarious sight, that just makes it difficult for everyone else.
A side note: People want to go from Hamburg to Berlin, that is a two hour trip. But they carry water supplies that would last for a trip through the dessert.

Walking the dog off-leash.... I am afraid of dogs. It is a real phobia. It means I know that the dog is a cuddly creature that is harmless, but as soon as a dog is a round I cannot access that information anymore and it becomes a vicious monster out to kill me. But those people are totally ignorant of anyone's fear. And even worse, as soon as I tell them, not to get the dog too close to me, they get closer with the dog to "cure" me. That isn't gonna work that way.

Not having any cash is also a big issue that makes me mad sometimes. I do admit that having a bank card is nice and that it is oh so convenient, yet is having 10 bucks in cash with you at all time to much to ask for? "Can you pay for the coffee, I got no cash!"... no I don't have cash for you anymore.

Curling is no sport. An iron shaped stone moving across ice to a target is no sport. It is the direct result of a lost bet and a bunch of drunk guys. Stop pretending it is a sport. It's a reason to drink. Period.

And what is the deal with most people and soccer balls? As soon as you put down a ball, the brain goes dead. "Uhhh a ball, must kick it!" So here is an idea. Fill a regular soccer ball with cement and install it at a public place. Have camera ready, so you can sell the picture to those who broke their feet.

Put all of that together and you know what my day was like.

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Gary Magic said...

I used to make sandcastles out of concrete and glue sand to them. It's human nature to jump on a sandcastle, or at least to destroy one by kicking it!! Sad yes, fun YES! I'm not saying I'm proud of doing this, and I'm not proud of nailing empty coke cans to paths made from tarmac (you just have to kick an empty can!) it was just a phase I went through, I do like the idea of filling a football with concrete though lol!