Thursday, December 2, 2010

Failures Wanted!

I am lazy. Research takes time. I need that time for other stuff. So searching the Internet for a magic failure is not really a pleasant experience. I watch tons of magic videos. And most of it is "OK". I understand why most magic blogs are on the sunny side of things.

I want to have a bit more time for all my other projects, so here is how YOU can help me out. Become a magic failure! Treat others disrespectfully, become a sell out, claim false awards, rip off other's creations, be a shitty magician and claim the opposite. Create unusable magic and sell it for tons of money, preferably using funny business talk to make your stuff more appealing.

Or you just go the cheap way by exposing magic like crazy.

However, if you don't want to do that, you can always suggest a possible failure. I won't mention your name, but I will check the facts. If I agree that the recommended person really is a failure I will write about it.


Anonymous said...

David Piccirillo aka David Martin. For a few reasons
1. He's a boring performer
2. His lack of practice exposed an illusion on AGT and he refused to admit it
3. He neglects his big cats

Stijn Hommes said...

Definitely a good candidate failure!

I didn't even get past the first video. Not only was it boring to watch, his patter contained all sorts of things you should NEVER EVER say.

Trickster said...

Yet there seems to be one that recently vanished.
Did you get a bit to much heat for that one? LOL

robert said...

Here is a web site that is using magicians names on their home page to get ahead of google

I sent an email to them only to find the email address did not exist and I got a bounce back

here is the site
check out the drop down menu Authors

I had a product years ago but am notmaking my new stiff as a result of the copy cats and BS Marketing of companies like this. I don't make much out selling magic, in fact I break even after selling it to wholesalers- I do it to help, but not anymore- there are just too many people who don't care