Thursday, January 29, 2015

What's up with

Magicians on video, breathing heavily? Like seriously.... almost as if they have asthma and they ran five miles. Not talking about fat people. I know why they are breathing so loudly, but skinny magicians.

Spot the Moment

The name of the performer escapes me, but he does all sorts of demo shit. And you can tell that he's got the chops, so demoing a cheap self working trick is a downgrade in a humiliating kind of way.

Take a look at the following video. Skip to the very end, and you see what happens after the demo. You can see his fake smile fading and his true disgust comes through. You can actually see the moment his heart breaks as he realizes what sad, sad thing he's done.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Looking for a Change Bag?

"Looking for a Change Bag? Everybody needs a Change Bag! It's not just a great trick, it's a necessity in magic!"

Now I'm convinced, I need a Change Bag. A giant one! This is big enough to put a small person in. Imagine the possibilities... A somewhat reversed quickchange....

Just have two little people, One already in the Change Bag wearing the same clothes as the other little person who is assisting you all the time. Then for the finale, the little person climbs inside and voila the little person changes. Not the clothes but the person. This is seriously good material!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Stock Mentalist lies about Poll!

I love it when things change and you have to rethink your opinion over and over. Keeps you aware of your own actions.

Turns out I was wrong about a few things about the recent Paul Stockman issue. He did won the award for Best Mentalist/International Psychological Entertainer of the year.

Just kidding, not really? But there is some truth in that statement. SOME!

The UK Magic Magazine "Magicseen Magazine" did have a poll. The readers could vote by email. One if the categories was "Best Mentalist 2012". Paul Stockman got first place at that poll. Not an award at all, and certainly not for Best Mentalist/International Psychological Entertainer of the year.

So you see, he changed a few things. First he changed it to an award and then he changed the entire name of the thing. He also claims that "Celebrities, The General Public and Paul's peers voted to put him at the top." I don't think that any celebrities voted in that email voting. I may be wrong, but chances are slim.

There is bending the truth and there is lying. Paul Stockman took the low route and lied. And that is not acceptable in advertisement as it does two things. It discredits the performer but also ruins the public image of magic even more. The sad thing: Paul Stockman had something (a small thing) and he fucked it up by exaggerating it to the point it became a lie.

It's even kind of ironic how Paul Stockman uses stock photos of the Las Vegas sign as a background for himself. Stock mentalist comes to mind!

He also removed any mentioning/hinting that he ever performed for Ricky Gervais or Simon Cowell. Both of them hate magicians BTW. If he indeed performed for them, then he could have left the statements on his website. That is indicating that he indeed lied about ever performing for them. To his credit, he never explicitly said he did perform for them, but he strongly hinted at it.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Kinda fast reaction!

There are three kinds of reactions whenever I do a WMF post. The most common one is to ignore me. And that works out for most performers. The second one is asking me if can take it down asap. Third would be going all ape shit and threatening me with lawyers and/or doing so. (e.g. Jack Moyer and "he who shall not be named" but his names sounds a lot like Hames L Dlark)

Guess what category Paul Stockman belongs to? Sorry to disappoint, but he simply asked me to take it down as some of what I claim is not true. I replied to further know what part is not true, to which he didn't respond, but instead stated that he wishes my post to be removed, as he did not give permission to publish it in the first place. Naturally I told him that I am aware that my post didn't require his permission and that again I am willing to hear his side of the story. Then he finally opened up a bit.

Before all that I had a talk with my girlfriend about it and we wondered a bit about a possible reaction. We thought he cannot refuse the fact that the pictures are faked, but he will probably argue that he indeed worked for some celebrities and that no picture was taken at that time, and that the statutes worked like a dummy in the celebrities stead.

And guess what. Pretty much that was his argument.

Now let's give him the benefit of a doubt and let all he is saying be true. That still is bad, bad practice. A practice not worthy of a successful performer of 15 years of experience.

He has taken down the relevant images. Which was the point of the post. So the prior post is scheduled to get unpublished in a few days.