Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year

I hope you had a great year.

It is so interesting to run such a blog. You get to learn so much about magicians and the magic world. Each month I get about 20 suggestions for a weekly magic failure. Most often it seems to be a personal thing between the one suggested and the one suggesting the magician in question. I generally tend not to use those.

Also I get a lot of requests to make certain human failures known. I do know of magicians who are facing charges about theft, rape and pedophilia, yet I choose not to publish this, even though I do have legit proof. Because those people are human failures, not magic failures. So unless it has something to do with the magic world, I am not interested.

As strange as it sounds I do not take joy in making certain people a weekly magic failure, by pointing out their flaws. I certainly don't publish a post saying to myself "ha ha, now he got what he deserved"

So why am I doing it? I gain nothing. No money, no fame, no knowledge, not even wisdom. I cannot answer this question. But I do have one question for you.

How come you don't stand up for it?

Let me explain. I learn about a lot of magicians doing this blog for almost two years now. I learn about what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong.

And I understood that magicians are average humans, so the same "fail/winner - rate" applies as with an non magic crowd.

So when you see an doctor messing up, you don't say "oh come on, give him a break, we all make mistakes"

If an architect messes up you wouldn't say "You can fail once, just build another house"

You would say something. Even if that doesn't change anything.

I hear see you saying: "Roland, doctors and architects? The stakes are much higher with those. We are magicians, bad magic doesn't endanger human lives."

Well yes. But it endangers "Magic as an art." It is my firm belief that if magic isn't treated well and if we as a community of a shared interest do let bad magicians go loose our beloved magic will suffer. The image of magic will suffer. And by that the magicians will suffer. By getting less bookings, as more and more people don't even think of "perhaps hiring a magician"^

So again:

How come you don't stand up for it?

So this is to another new year. Goodbye 2010 and Hello 2011.

Let the failures go wild.

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