Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hello Rob Matthies!

You wrote:

Racist anti-semite blogger Roland Henning of Germany wants Rob Matthies of Vancouver to stop offering Matthies' $75 Family Magic Shows so that Professional Magicians can charge more $$$ for their services

What the fuck is wrong with you?

I never said or wanted you to stop offering your cheap ass magic shows. I wrote:

You can be a Birthday Rescuer, you can do as many shows as you want to. But leave other magicians out of this.

Where does it say that I want you to stop offering cheap shows? It says, LEAVE OTHER MAGICIANS OUT OF YOUR ADVERTISEMENT!

Read the last line carefully. READ it, don't interpret it!

And what makes you think, that I am racist anti-Semite? That is extremely offensive here in Germany, considering the German history. Call me an asshole or a dumb piece of shit, but don't you dare to call me a racist anti-Semite.

First it is not true and second: Where the hell do you get that from? I never wrote anything even remotely going into that direction.

You said that you googled "Russian", "Munich" and "Busker" and found links to three performers who happen to be Jewish. Well do a search for "München", "Russisch" and "Straßenkünstler" and you will find something different.

If intended to be racist, I would say so and not be fucking cryptic about it, by making sure that everybody would do a Google search first to understand what the bloody hell I am talking about.

But aside from that I suggest you take it down a notch.

You clearly are reading something into my little words that isn't there and you a convinced enough to openly call me a racist anti-Semite, which I find both offending and untrue.

And such behaviour is pathetic.

You claim that I started a "hate campaign" against you. I don't hate you. I pity you.

But I am afraid, you won't READ THIS either, you will probably just interpret this as some sort of attempt to weasle my way out of this trap you have set up.

Oh, Happy New Year everyone!

Btw: Rob! Speaking of yourself in third person could be a sign of hubris!


Trickster said...

It seems that Rob is taking this to a point where you could be legitimately taking legal action against him. Deliberately spreading garbage like that in the magic community could definitely damage your income (if any one actually believes this dick head) and that's all you need to sue him.
Perhaps a nicely worded letter from a lawyer might make Rob pull his head in and stop this racist anti-Semite crap he is trying to spread about you.
I can only imagine how pissed off and offended you are Roland.

Perhaps it's time for a nice public hate campaign ;) If you're going to be accused and judged for it, you may as well do it.

Anonymous said...

It may not even be worth it to argue with him or post blogs about him. Anyone willing to break Godwin's law that quickly is showing that he is not willing to listen to logic or reason, but instead resorting to cheap shots to deflect from what he's doing. He know what he's doing is wrong and doesn't want to admit it so he'll resort to any cheap trick he can. Comparing someone to a Nazi is about the cheapest thing you can do so I suggest you not try to stress yourself over someone that insane.

b d erland said...

When I meet with the Vancouver IBM ring, I'll make sure they're aware of this specific detail.

Anonymous said...

This is probably off piste slightly but is Rob Matthies even Jewish ??

I just ask, because unless he is, then him playing the racist card just appears to be him trying to cloud the issue around his activities with something that is totally irrelevant to the point in question ?

In fact if you read his email to Andrew carefully what he seems to be implying is that there is an attack on minorities being encouraged by Roland and Andrew. And what minority is Rob saying he is in...its the minority of "my group of low-priced birthday magicians".

Seriously he appears to be making a case to say that you are persecuting low priced birthday magicians.!!!

The man is full of bluster and nonsense.

Roland said...

Is Rob Jewish? Honestly I don't care. On that one website he claims that Andrew and I have not disputed hearing Klemzer music in the background. I didn't know I had to dispute something here. According to that logic I need to dispute that I like strawberry jam, because as you know strawberry jam is the favourite breakfast thing of any terrorist.
btw: I did not hear Klemzer music in the background, as I didn't even watch the whole video.

Kolisar said...

I see you are trying to avoid the strawberry jam issue, thus admitting that you are indeed a terrorist!

Seriously, Roland, I do not think that anyone who has read any of your posts would believe that you are racist. I agree with MIke in that he is playing the "racism card" because he cannot dispute what you have said and is trying to cloud the issue.

Just for fun, you may want to check into the laws of Canada ( I believe that is where he is) and see if he has committed libel in claiming that you are anti-semetic (as TRickster suggested in the first reply).

b d erland said...

Got reminded today that while libel is usually reserved for the printed word, it's actually less about the medium and more about the permanence of it. Therefore, slander could be the correct term. Probably the best way to go would be to refer to it as defamation of character.

b d erland said...

Oh, and yes, it's DEFINITELY defamation of character.

Laurence said...

What a bloody idiot! He's just trolling and trying to push your buttons and as you said "trap you" to make you look like a bad guy while he whores himself out for $75.