Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Possible Failure?

Thanks to Cardman to let me find it: ÜBERAWESOME LINK
[...] but by promising to assist children's charities, I do not believe this is something he can wheedle out of. [...]

What are your thoughts on Kreskin?


Anonymous said...

This is sort of old news but, in my view, he definitely is a WMF.

My biggest problem with him is that he crosses the line between somebody doing a psychic *act" and someone who claims abilities and, as he has got older he almost seems to believe his own hype.

But by far the biggest problem for me is the absolute disgrace of saying that he predicted 911. Firstly he didn't but secondly why the hell would an entertainer use something so awful to try and promote themselves unless they were a morally deficient arsehole.

On a slightly more forgiving note, maybe he is just getting old and delusional but that 911 bit still sickens me.

ablanathanalba said...

Sounds bad. Exterst!

darkstar said...

It's funny how many frauds said they predicted 9/11. Yet no one was going ape shit after these "visions" trying to evacuate the buildings or anything.

I just think it takes a lot of balls to say you predicted a disaster, yet did nothing about it.

Justin said...

Oh boy, he really said that he predicted 9/11? Kreskin's really before my time, so I had never bothered with him. But man oh man, that's bullshit right there. That pisses me off.