Friday, October 15, 2010

WMF Corey Burke

San Diego might be a really nice town, but it is cursed as every bigger city. It has magicians. Corey Burke is one of them.

I could go on, about him exposing magic secrets and such... but I have done that way too often lately.

Just watch:

No credits. (Nick Trost for the trick, Marlo for the count)
His YouTube Channel is full of that stuff.

But what bothers me most is his reasoning for explaining all of this. He starts explaining why after 40 seconds.

We need magic now more than any other time before in history.
People need to laugh
they need to smile
and they certainly need to feel that anything can happen
and anything is possible.
And I want you to be the one to help them feel this way.

OK... Let me ask one thing! Why?
Why do people need to laugh?
Why do they need to smile?
And why now more than any other time in history?

I am not really a history buff, but aren't we much better off than "before in history"? Is there a "need" to laugh? And who is Corey Burke to make such an assumption?

I know that magic can make people laugh and smile. But wouldn't a comedian be a much better person to do this? Why spoil magic? And besides: People who would benefit from such a "Magic Task Force"? Only people who are desperate. And I know what can be done about that.

So is Corey Burke suggesting that he does a job like Tom Verner and Janet Fredericks? If so he does a terrible job. And I doubt this.

I'll tell you what he is doing: He is trying to lure in common people to make them buy the magic shit he offers on his website.

Doing business is okay with me, but doing it by false pretences is low. Low enough for me to award him Weekly Magic Failure.


Gary Magic said...

Desperate measures I'd say. Quite a few magicians are 'selling out' at the moment, sad really. Why don't they just go and get a real job and leave the magic to people who respect the art!!!


Laurence said...

What a dick! Exposure kills the magic. It's up there with claims that telling little kids that Santa is not real makes them feel happier. Nah-ah! It just makes them cynical and they start pulling wings off flys because they know Santa's list is a crock.