Thursday, December 23, 2010

This Post Is Just For You Rob

Now that we got that out of the way here are two tips for you.

1. Stop the way you are advertising.

You can be a Birthday Rescuer, you can do as many shows as you want to. But leave other magicians out of this. And then others will leave you alone. Simple as that.

2. Be less aggressive on the Internet altogether.

There are many haters out there and if you let them speak up (like me), by waking the sleeping dog, it will turn ugly.

In a forum you wrote:

The veiled bodily-threat uses disappearance of the competing “Russian” entertainer as a “solution”. In my view, that threat seems to be a subconscious or conscious parallel to Hitler's “final solution” to the Jews in Europe.

I am a German, naturally I know all about the issue. So I can assure you that it was certainly not my intent to make any references in that direction.
Which brings me to:

3. Relax!

Obviously you take yourself way too serious and your ego seems way too big to assume I would compare this case with the most disgusting, biggest mass murder in history. I was merely suggesting to get rid of you. Not by violence, but by competition.

So if you get it the wrong way it means you are way too aggressive about it, reading something into this which is not there.


b d erland said...


At this point I doubt he'll respond, even when he sees this video. He's now spammed three different forums and Craiglist with the lie that I'm somehow threatening him with bodily harm, and to preserve plausible deniability, he's not going to want to acknowledge that he's been repeatedly told you and me aren't the same person.

Ah well. We'll see how it goes.

b d erland said...


Rob Matthies wants me to call the German Police and the Jewish Defense League and report you. Just FYI.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused !!!

Why is Matthies trying to brow beat Andrew Musgrave into complaining on his behalf.

Is it because Matthies fears that his complaint wouldn't be taken seriously BY ANYONE !!!!

Roland said...

Good question. I seriously doubt the sanity that Rob might have. In no way was I referring to "killing" or "Jews" yet Rob was able to read this into my words. So what man is doing that? Either someone with little education or someone with malicious intent. Pick yours!

Kolisar said...

Seriously...Hitler? By making that comparison, Matthies is only demonstrating how pathetic he is. For what it is worth, I don't believe anyone actually believes that you, Roland, are anti-semetic or condone any of the horrible acts committed by Hitler or his people during the war. I find it even more insulting that he would make such a comparison since you are German and that is a such a dark part of your nation's history (like slavery in the U.S. is a dark time in our history).