Thursday, March 27, 2014

Is it just me,

or is Chris the guy from Magic Geek getting more and more mature? Becoming less and less of a goto reason why magic is bad and taking more and more steps towards being a fully functional human being?

If so: Congrats!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


So just in case you see this and don't get it:

Gamblers cop the missing Three of Club and then add them to the four other cards you showed to your audience. So it is on the bottom. An indifferent card is dealt by the spectator on the magicians hand. Then a bottom as the whole thing is wrist killed.

Then another bottom and the indifferent card is lost in the pack. Then the whole thing is repeated shouting SWITCH instead of magic.


"The intricacies of deception can only be fully appreciated through exposure."

Aside from that. Is that thing worth an entire 7 dollar download? If so, I got a nifty little trick that uses just one double lift. It's about a lie and a snitch. It uses a joker and has a nice two step reveal and a twist and a kicker. I think you can get more out of my routine, than this piece of lame shit that Madison decided to rehash. If I remember that thing has been out in 2010 already.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

No palming required!

"I was wondering if there was a few methods for doing a card to shoe without a palm."

Wow, why are magicians such pussies when it comes to palming? I get the uneasy feeling. I was afraid too. But like the fear of fire I eventually manage to overcome the fear and learned to respect it instead.

Palming, is not hard to do. But here is a three step program.

Just learn the proper grip and do it. Your hand is like a shield, covering the view. That is the first step. Now learn to control where people look. When they look at your shoe and see a card in there they are not watching your hand. That is the second step. And finally get rid of your guilt. The feeling of hiding something is like some foul smell that people pick up. If you don't feel it, they cannot smell it. And that was the third step.

There are finer point of course, but it will get you started.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Yeah I did it!

I went to a magic show, stood in line for half an hour, was seated far away from the act and did not, I repeat, I did not play with a deck of cards. Even though I had it in my pocket.

I deserve a god damn nobel price for that achievment. And I knew there were other magicians out there. As I heard the passes from across the room.