Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Dunning-Kruger effect

It's amazing how well the Dunning-Kruger effect relates to magic.

Ask a fairly new member in our circle of nerds. Be prepared to be surprised and to be disappointed at the same time.

Wanna know if a manipulation act is good?

If so, what's wrong with you....

But if you still wanna know: Turn off the sound! If the act still holds your interest that means either the act is good or you're really a nerd.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


When I was a kid I saw a quick change artist. I don't know who. But I remember part of the act. He had some costume, then went behind a curtain and then had something different. I thought it was a real skill. Like a really skilled person, that is able to pull off his clothing and then get dressed. Part of the illusion was the speed. BECAUSE HE WAS NOT FAST AT ALL. It took 8-9 seconds.

I really believed the skill, because it took longer than an instant. Now compare that with today's way of doing it. Now it is obvious that it is a trick. No real skill involved.

Have you ever rated your material?

Have you?
There is A-material and B-material. Your tricks fall into either category. A-material is the stuff you do regularly, your bread and butter repertoire. And then there is the B-material. Stuff you do sometimes.
The problem is, that technically most of the A-material's filler is B-material as well. Most magicians just do it, to get the time filled. Everyone is guilty of that. And strangly in the B-material box there are some A-material gems, that are not done, because they are horrible to reset, to set up or do.

Fuck that. Put the stuff in it's proper place.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Social Interaction 101

Did I ever tell the story about my visit to the magic store in Brussels?

I've been there with a magic friend. We entered the store. The guy working there was talking to another customer. We stood there waiting... and we stood.... and stood... No reaction by the person working there.

Here is a rule about social behaviour... "If somebody comes in the room, acknowledge their existence!"

There are several ways to do that. Eye contact and a slight nod will do. This has not happened. What a sad experience.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

So some of you have Blogs!

But for what reason? Let me direct your attention to this: BLOG RIGHT HERE! You see the headline? "Magical Charity Event Blog by Carl Royle exceeding all expectations."

To me this looks like a google friendly headline. It has the name, the theme and the result. So if I google Carl Royle what do I get? So it seems the blog functions more like an advertisement.

I may be wrong, but the thought comes up.