Monday, December 6, 2010

Cardpeople Unité

I wanna start a rather ambitious project. It will be yet another Blog, but this blog will actually have content that is not as bad as this one here.

I read so many interesting ideas in magic books. Most of them I just skip over and I am sure that there are a few ideas that will never see the light of day.
It doesn't mean that those ideas are bad. They just don't fit me. Sadly others might not have access to those great ideas and will not use it either although it could possibly fit them. And there is the danger that the good idea might get lost.

So here is the idea: A blog; each day a video of a card trick will be posted. Along with the demonstration of the effect there will be the exact source of the effect. It doesn't have to be effects, it can also be the demonstration of a particularly good control or anything like that.

I wanna stick to cards in the beginning, seeing where this will lead me to. But I will need help. I need ambitious card magicians who will record themselves doing the tricks that are in the books. Then the video will be uploaded to YouTube. It is set up in such a way that it will not show up during the usual YouTube search. The video will be posted on that blog, along with source and a short personal commentary by the creator of the video.

I want all the videos specifically made for the blog, so I get into no trouble with copyright and all of that shit. I have enough of this to deal with here.

So who is with me? Raise your hand!

BTW: if you think that this is a really stupid idea or that there is such a thing already (no MVD doesn't count) please enlighten me.


Trickster said...

Will you get hammered for exposure?

Stijn Hommes said...

Roland is trying to share ideas, not the secrets behind the move or effect.

Roland said...

Exposure yes. Exposure of the effect, not the secret.

ablanathanalba said...

I think this is a great idea. I'm too new at this to participate, but if I get good enough I'd love to do this. Good luck. Turcofl!*

*blogspot word verification as foreign exclamation

Gary Magic said...

Count me in Roland.


Christopher said...

sounds like a great idea. if you need help i can deff offer mine.

John said...

Yeah I'd love to see this happen!