Wednesday, April 19, 2017

WMF Oliver Eduard Bahm

Oliver Bahm is a magician from Illingen in Germany, which is near Stuttgart which is in the very south of Germany. Pretty remote place and in my opinion very backward.

Oliver Bahm has made a reputation on Facebook by being the creator of a group call "Trickerfinder" which translates to "Inventor(s) of tricks"

That group basically sells other people's creations. Most of the selling is done by Oliver Bahm himself.

But he has a sneaky way to get around the usual publisher rights and to avoid legal responsibility. By basically changing every word and by slightly changing the method / effect of the trick. According to what he claims. I don't know that for sure, but I have good reason to doubt that.

I have a couple of screen shots of some magicians communicating with him where he is offering to sell unaltered copyrighted ebooks. But those are just screen shots and the deal was never made.

So in terms of copyrights he is in the legal zone. Morally of course not. Aside from that, his performing persona is very, very unlikable. I wonder how he gets gigs. Very much up the high horse, looking down. But this may be due to the location he is in.

He clearly wants to be more than he is. He clearly thinks of himself more than he is. And he certainly doesn't give care about what others think of him.

He also has that practice which I really despise of having multiple cloned websites with different regional names within to indicate that he comes from there.

Most recent case. Alexander de Cova has a pretty good book series in German, called "Burners" really good books. Really good. Oliver Bahm actually claims via is Facebook group to have those books as pdf. And those that what to look at them should contact him. He even goes as far as saying that further distribution is not allowed. How dense is that man?

He clearly knows it is wrong to do that and has since removed that statement. Which is a clear indication of him being aware that this behavior is wrong.

I'm sure he will say it was a gag and nothing like that is true, but we all know better. His track record is not in his favor.