Monday, March 14, 2016


There may have been a huge lack of posts for one year. And I'm afraid will be like this.

Truth be told: I was and am too fed up with the magic community. I decided to stay away. And it turns out it has been way better on my mental health, but even better on my magic. I concentrated all my magic effort on my theater. I have four running shows, two shows on hiatus and one show in production. I've been busy. During Christmas I did two to three shows a day, adding up to about 70 shows. The aftermath of that exposure of course is more shows. So the last few months I've been performing mostly. It is an intense time in my life, where I got little time and little interest in the magic community as a whole.

And posting on this blog was a huge time sink. All the research that went into a 200 word post was often a week or so. I don't have that anymore. Nor am I in the mood.

Is this the end of this blog? Perhaps? I'm not ruling out to return one day. But so far.... farewell!