Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WMF The Former Headmaster from a Grammar School in Germany

I don't like it if I don't get a name, but at least I am not short of information. Let's start with the basics. In Germany there is a town called Goslar. That town has a grammar school. The former headmaster is this weeks magic failure.

The former headmaster, a 63-year old man got his award because he loves magic more than his job. From 2002 to 2006 he has not given the demanded amount of class hours. From the required 15 hours per week he did only 6. That means he was short of 1.250 hours by the end of the four year period. Still he got paid to do them, because he actually signed the class books accordingly. What did he do in that time? Practising magic. From the school budget he took 20.000 Euros to buy magic props and he did shows for kindergartners at a rate of 200 Euros per show.

It was all over the news in Germany and now the judge has decided the verdict. He simply loses his job. What a loss for a 63-year-old. So he gets his regular, slightly cut, pension (which is still good, being a public servant in Germany) and has a bunch of magic props. Yeah!

Loving magic is fine, but loving it so much as to not use the given money to buy paper for the copy machine and instead using the money to buy business cards is too much. Children deserve to see a magic show, but they need to be properly educated first.

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ablanathanalba said...

What a shit. Some people are so harmful with their selfishness. At least he's out of system now and they can replace him with someone who cares about children. Lostiess!