Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hate Campaign Against German Blogger

If you are reading this and you are not Rob Matthies please skip this post.

Dear Rob,

you wrote an email to Andrew. It escapes me, why you are not writing an email to me. Well anyway. I read that email and you say a few things which simply are not true. You write:

There is, in my view, no doubt that Henning was referring to a Jewish busker when the German magician Ronald Henning provided the “solution” to your problem as the “disappearance” of Rob Matthies.

I did not say anything about a Jewish busker. I was saying something about a Russian busker. Please note, that I am aware that there are Russian Jews, but I was not referring to those. I was just talking about a busker who happened to be Russian. That's it.

I am of the opinion that Roland Henning’s use of a “Russian” immigrant, who is apparently either run out of Munich by threat, or murdered, is a thinly-veiled reference to a Jewish busker, perhaps a klezmer musician.

I wrote that the RUSSIAN busker learned a lesson that day. How could he have learned a lesson if he was murdered?

Please Rob, don't read stuff into my words that isn't there!

Your assumption that I suggested that I would like to have you killed is seriously offending me. Furthermore suggesting that I would do it in a manner similar to the "Final Solution" is especially offending to me, considering my German roots.

So why are you starting a hate campaign against me? Just because I dislike your marketing strategy? Seriously, I am afraid of you. You even ordered some other person (with deadline) to report me to the police, to two jurisdictions and the JDL.

Isn't that some incitement to get rid of me? It could be understood as such.

So not only am I offended that you even dared to compare your case to the worst crime ever committed, but you also make demands and suggestions how to get rid of me.

Gee, Rob, I am scared.

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