Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just A Sunday Post #74

This is weird... Obviously thought went into the routine. Yet it sucks on so many levels. It is way too slow, thereby making the sleigts way too obvious. The grater pun is cheap. And cheap puns work as long as they are within something greater. But there is nothing greater surrounding this cheap joke, making it fall flat.

This is a typical case of work going to wrong places. To me it looks like a rehearsal video, not a performance video. It feels like the performer, The Amazing Schu, is trying to not forget his lines or the structure.

So watch out when you are uploading magic to the Youtube!


Trickster said...

I hate it when magicians speak to audiences like they are mentally retarded. So dam slow, and too much stating the obvious, we're not blind or stupid.
Wow, the ball fits in the cup, amazing.

LD said...

Too many extraneous props. I was expecting the grater to actually have something to do with the trick, perhaps having a ball appear underneath. Or a potato or something, anything. Instead it's just a big "something" on the table, like the air pump. Neither contributed to the effect as the effect could be done without either.

Definitely agree it was far too slow. He's slow except when doing a "move". He speeds up when he's doing something sneaky, which makes it all the more obvious that something is happening.