Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wait? What? Tenyo Elite MoonSpinner

Why the hell is Peter Loughran demoing this particular effect? Sure the paddle move might be easy. But this video clearly shows that this move is still too hard for Peter. So far I had the opinion that Peter Loughran is just an uncreative maker of magic props. But now I add "bad magician" to the list.

If I could give this man advise it would be this:
1. Roll up your sleeves. Seems like you are hiding tattoos. (Even if you do, show them like Reed McClintock.)
2. The patter you are using in that little video is awful. Quitting cigarettes? Really? This has nothing to do with the effect. I would shut up and just say: "Just look, a cool optical illusion."
3. You are inside, Take off the coat. Everyone else is wearing a T-shirt, ergo it is warm.

The effect is nice though. But not his' of course.

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Anonymous said...

I liked the performance. And since when did patter have to relate 'directly' to the effect. He got a laugh. I suspect the early part of this that lead to cigarettes was a result of earlier patter that might even have involved the spectators comments. Either way, as Darwin Ortiz has noted, magician's are terrible at judging other magicians. He is correct - look the spectators to see whether the performance is good. I know you've rejected that view before, but you are wrong! Note, I can accept the view that this performance was suboptimal, although I disagree with that, but "bad". No way.