Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just A Sunday Post #33

Let me eleborate a bit further on yesterday's heretic thought. Slydini is a great magician, but he is confusing as hell. At least I do not interpret his "dance of the hands" as visual poetry, but as a deliberate attempt to confuse me, so he can get away with his magic. And because I read it as such, I somehow feel that his magic is less magicial. Because as the great "V" said "Confusion is not magic!"

Also his hands are often way too close to the table edge. So somehow I do not think that the audience is fooled. In fact I put that thought to a test.

Yesterday I showed all of the three videos to a few friends. None of them are magicians. And a few do not even know that I make my life as a magician. (They think I am a Stand Up Comedian or something like that.)
I tried not to give away my opinion of the the magician. And they took a look at the video. And they all speak English and they all saw it only once.

1/10 loved the magic and all of the presentation (the poetry and such)
2/10 could tell most of the time what was going on
2/10 hated the act
2/10 didn't care
5/10 thought it was alright
8/10 saw through the main method (lapping and loading from the lap)
4/10 could tell when it was happening (most of the time)
5/10 liked the effects, but not the magician
10/10 now know Syldini and think that it is a "clever" name.

I am aware that this is not nearly enough people to be representative so forget I said anything.

Slydini, you rule!

PS. I feel the prophecy is true. Tomorrow somthing weird will happen.

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