Friday, January 22, 2010

Day Five

Wise Words of the day!

"Donate to MILF. Magicians in the public eye should always be immune to criticism unlike actors and singers. We thank you for your support and hope you all realize our militancy is in your favor. Have you smoked magician pole today?"

Here is how. We have made a deal with pretty much all the magic dealers. Buy crap. Buy all of it. Buy, Square Circles, Pom Pom Sticks, Genii Tubes, Flip Flops, Oriental Cubes, Die Boxes, Mandarin Hula Hoops, Water Torture Cells, Run Bunny Run, Where is the Mouse and of course you need a Bigger Magic Wand.

Part of the money goes to us and not to those filthy magic dealers... let the flag of hypocrisy wave high, above the horizon of the Internet. Above our own horizon. And please go out and perform, let the magic image be all about boxes and glitter. That way a French Drop is Killer material. Are you seeing the Genius in this?

MILF is for everybody!

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