Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day Three

After taking over this Blog and The Dead Magicians Society we want to move on. Bizzaro, you are a thorn in our eyes too. But your Blog seems to be protected by a much more complicated password. (This Blog used: "Magicians are stupid", which was easy to figure out.)

Also iTricks and the Magic Newswire are on our radar too. They actually dare to report magic news that isn't good news. Like the Pendragon story, or about the issues dealing with Steve Wyrick.

Please let us hack your websites too.

On this blog we found a half edited article, which was not finished. Roland, the German, probably didn't have the guts to publish it.

It actually dealt with Dai Vernon and that he was overrated. That he was just an old man, who convinced lots of people that he was oh so great, by years of telling the same stuff over and over again. While Roland says that it was great stuff Vernon said, it is clear that anyone with a common mind could have thought of all the stuff too.

We, the Magician's Independent Liberation Front, disagree with that notion. Dai Vernon is the best thing since sliced bread that happened to magic. How else would anybody figure out that confusion is not magic. Only a great mind like him could have thought this clever thought.

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