Saturday, January 16, 2010


Is it just me, or is Slydini overrated?


darkstar said...

No. Slydini put a lot of heart in what he did. Problem is to me, he gave off a funny "You so stupid" vibe. I always was bothered by his presentational skills. I've always liked his routines though.

Then again some people think Vernon is over rated, which to me is like saying Shakespeare wasn't a very good writer.

jason said...

The thing that has always made me cringe is watching how close to the table edge he performs and how frequently his hand/hands dip below the table. I never saw him perform live so perhaps this is intensified by the camera....

Kent said...

Saw him live as a kid. It was an entirely different experience than you can get from video.

If he was alive today he would be:

way too old, but,

He would fool the living shit out of you. Coins, cigarettes and scarves would be sitting in a pile of your shit.

YAFI on some days Roland. Some days not.

barrybrilliant said...

I saw him hundreds of times over the years he was a teacher and friend and these videos capture the record of his work but not its magic.
The magic of the man was him. A little old italian guy from Argentina. The setup was always a story or this guy taught me or that guy showed me that. He made magic poetry. He never made fun of you. He made fun with magic. It was his work and his passion and after you have experienced him in person you go away knowing you had seen a master of the craft. He inspired magicians to K.I.S.S. and to slow down and make a trick become real magic.