Monday, January 11, 2010

WMF Peter Austin (revoked)

Peter Austin is a US magician that really is into building magic apparatus. That in itself is not a bad thing... but this is:

It might interest you to know that Peter Austin asks for 2500 dollars for this ugly mess. While I think it is okay to ask for the price one wants, I also think, that this price is blown way out of proportion.

This makes it not only the "Best Square Circle" ever but also the most expensive one. [edited]

And of course like any good magician, who is off the right path, animal cruelty is a part of his act.

Poor thing. First the balloon thing, which could actually lead to a heart attack and then being taunted with a fake carrot, only to give Mr. Austin a motivation to put that rabbit down on that table. But splitting a rabbit, that is new. Oh, wait, no, it's not.

PS: I forgot to mention the fake applause in the first video. As if a real audience was there. And the red bow tie, the glitter vest, the fake smile, the sleeves, the big boxes, the unattractive design of the boxes and the performer, the self working nature of things, the cheap background, the low video resolution and of course the obvious hiding behind the props.

Edit: Turns out Mr. Austin is actually kind of nice. I got a little distracted by the phony look with the bow tie and glitter vest. Really, noone should wear that, unless you are in Las Vegas. Bright colors do the same. But a bow tie? That is so 1960's. So I am revoking his titel. He cannot call himself WMF anymore.

Since that Square Circle was made for a client, I have to assume that the design of that also was the client's wish. Thinking even further I assume that he will build you any design, as long as you are willing to pay the price that Mr. Austin thinks it is worth. (Of course you can still buy the cheap oversea version which might be the result of child labor.)

And I do not think that animals should be part of any act. No matter how much is taken care of them.

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Bill K said...

What happen to Peter Austin?
Did he disappear from Magicians?