Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day Two

This is day two of our hostage taking. We will not let this Blog continue with its vicious deeds. So we are now telling you some secrets about this man who runs the blog.

1. He wets his bed.
2. His Double Lifts need improvment.
3. He lies.
4. His patter falls back to "I am putting the coin in my hand"
5. He has no friends.

So that will give you a clear image that he is not a magician like any of us. As we do not wet out beds and out Double Lifts are perfect. We never lie and our patter is about the Emperor of China, our personal friend.

People need to understand, that magicians are everything but able to take hard criticism. You gotta use a light touch. Step by step criticism is much better. If a magic fellow has problems with a sleight, it is not due to a lack of practice. It is always the fault of the hands or the props.

More on this tomorrow.

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