Saturday, January 2, 2010

KORBINIAN - Greedy moneybags...


Everyone had nice holidays? I hope so, I missed a post, about what I am truely ashamed.
And todays topic won't make it any better, because I want to talk about money. A very difficult topic, probably for everyone.

But I made the experience, that it is a topic in which several thongs have gone completly out of order. Some friends of mine are musicians, even some with several years of experience in Jazz music, playing in orchestras or studying in music universitys. And even a professor of Jazz music could never earn the amount of money an average magician does.

How come? I believe it is marketing and yeah laws of the market. But it has nothing to do with skill. Most magicians I know are far too expensive. Some friends of mine asked other magicians, what they are charging for their acts and then just charged the same. But they forgot the years of experience of the other magicians, they forgot that the other magicians are more professional, offer more for the same amount and generally do everything a bit better.

But those, sorry I have to say it that way, crooks, don't care about it, they just see the money they can make. And at this point they begin to seriously destroy the reputation of magic. If I ever spend about 500 Euro, thats about 700 Dollars I believe, for a magician and he does a bad job, I will never hire anyone for this amount of money again. And this really destroys the market and in that line damages magic itself.

Far worse, when you are an amateur and charge that much. Why should you do it? Because you don't need the money, so you can pick the jobs, that really pay? This is just plainly false, if you don't need the money and love magic that much, like you are always saying, then do it for free. Or become a professional and soon you will also rant about these crooks walking around and telling everyone, that they are professionals.

There is one thing that I take comfort in. And that is knowing that most magicians are liars, when it comes to money. Only some are honest and tell what they made the last year, month or gig. Most just tell bullshit to boost their egos. And there we are back to the neverchanging point, most magicians place their egos about everything else.

Even above magic.

Best wishes,


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