Monday, July 13, 2009

WMF Peter "Master of Illusions" Loughran

This is the official start of the "Peter Loughran week". Each day of this week we will look closely at one of his products, that he sells. This includes a close look at the website he runs. Or as I like to call it: The slowest damn website on the Internet.

Peter Loughran, the man who wants to be more famous than David Copperfield.
Peter Loughran, the man who's name magicians won't forget, but cannot spell properly.
Peter Loughran, the magician who is a man... or something like that.

Here is the thing, Pretty much all, what he puts out into the magic community is weak stuff. I am talking about the tricks and his advise (Magic Café). Or as a friend of min put it so nicely: "Just over priced, over hyped sh*t that only idiots would buy. And there are a lot of f*cking idiots out there."

Tomorrow we will look into his latest creation, aka "Seep" and why it is not worth buying at all.

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