Tuesday, January 5, 2010

WMF The Internet

Due to current events, the Internet has come to my attention to be a possible Weekly Magic Failure. In fact. It is the Internet that allows for "THE GREAT EXPOSURE". It harms Magic, as it harms the secret that is oh so important in our realm.

Of course I also see the advantages. It can show us effects before we purchase them.

Now we can see that the overhyped, overpriced Little Man is nothing but a steaming pile of shit on magnets.

But most of the time the Internet is bad towards magic. Not only because of "THE GREAT EXPOSURE" but because of the magic nerds who use the Internet to elevate their egos with websites that portray them in a good light. A light which rarly shines on them. Like Marti Brill, Daniel Madison and Dave J. Castle

Or to hype regular magic into oblivion.

Having no Internet right now makes me like the old way. In order to get information I need to call friends, read books and have to think for myself.


Illusions By Vick said...

Roland, truly enjoy WMF!!!!
Thanks for the unvarnished truth in a entertaining fashion

The Smiling Mule said...

Don't blame the internet. It is merely another tool at our disposal. Blame the morons (mis)using it.

"Guns don't kill people..."

It's like blaming Erdnase himself for the Wesley James DVDs...

or the printing press for Paul Gordon books!