Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just A Sunday Post #32

Watch this! Is this good? It is nice yes. I like the yellow tube thingy as motivation to ditch and steal stuff. And I particularly like the moment at 2:15 where he starts smelling the flower, which would clearly smell like cigarette smoke and not like a flower at all. Overall I also like the use of cigarettes smoke as a "magic smoke". That will teach the children he is performing for.

That brings me back to my last Sunday Post. Cigarette magic is not obsolete, but you can clearly perform it for the wrong audience. It feels so awkward in this otherwise well thought out routine.

The routine lacks motivation. Why the flower, why the bird? But hey, somehow the music and the overall impression do get the message across:

"Magicians are nothing but clowns!"

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Fábio De'Rose said...

That is one of my favorite magic routines. Ever.

My interpretation on it is not that "magicians are clowns", not at all. I understand it as a slow transformation, a serious, somewhat somber adult (on the innocence-less meaning of the term) that, through his music, slowly rediscovers the joy of his inner child.

Slowly he comes to the acceptance of his inner self, which is full of color and joy. Just like a child. And after all, magic is about changing and transforming.

But that is an interpretation of my own, just like how I understand his act. And I enjoy it very much, though I do disagree with the usage of the cigarrete.