Thursday, January 14, 2010

How Not To Be A WMF

Just in case you wondered. Here are a few tips how not to end up on my blog.

If you are a magic dealer:
1. Do not sell overpriced crap.
2. Do not sell crap.
3. Do not hype stuff before it comes out.
4. Do not makes wrong claims about any of your products.
5. Do not sell or produce rip offs.

If you are just a magician:
1. Do not suck.
2. Do not look or act stupid, unless it is part of your genius and not the lack thereof.
3. Do not claim to be the best magician in the world.
4. Do not fake performance videos.
5. Do not feel the need to boost your ego all the time.

If you are a magic teacher:
1. Do not claim anything as your own unless you actually came up with it.
2. Give credit where credit is due.
3. Be modest.
4. Do not sell half backed ideas.
5. Do not rehash your stuff all the time and tell others it is new.

And generally: Stay off the Internet! There are a lot of idiots out there who mean to harm you. I am one of them. If I cannot find you, you will not end up on this blog. But if you are good like Al Schneider, Max Maven, Lance Burton, Penn and Teller, Paul Gertner, Jerry Sadowitz, Jeff Sheridan, Richard Turner, René Lavand or Eugene Burger, you will be save from my wrath.

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