Friday, January 29, 2010

WMF Diana & Arvydas Gaičiūnas

Ah, Lithuania what beautiful country right next to the Baltic Sea. And from that great country a great circus family arose. And in it's latest iteration we meet Diana and Arcydas. I am not sure if their last name is really Gaičiūnas but their fathers name is. So this brother and sister duo... ah screw that intro...

They are WMF for stealing others acts.

See, they are frozen in a block of ice, he is crushed by a steam roller, he is separated in Laser-fashion, he walks up a building with an umbrella and they float between buildings. If you yelled Criss Angel, David Blaine and David Copperfield, than you are almost on the right track. This illusions are older than the three, but they made it popular. They are known for it. And those siblings copy their acts almost bit by bit. The whole staging, the camera angles... all the same.

There is a difference between doing an effect that someone else is doing and doing it the same freaking way.

So naturally I must assume that Diana & Arvydas are not creative. They are parasites.

Yeah way to go. Stealing entire acts, that's an age old circus tradition.

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