Friday, July 31, 2009

Doin' the Math!

In case you have not noticed, there was a poll on the right side of this blog, asking if what I am doing is right. Here is the evaluation of it. A whooping 80 percent of you guys think I am on the right track. Eight of you think I should die in a fire. That makes me sad. I thought this blog would polarize a bit more, generating a lot more hate. Anyway, but the main thing, and the reason this survey was there in the first place is this: Nobody thought that this blog hurts magic. Not the guys who hate me nor the people who support me.

That gives me the liberty to keep on doing what I do, as I do no harm to the art that I love.

Thank you very much.

Old joke: What is the difference between a stripper and a bad magician?
The stripper poses, while the magician exposes.

And aside from that, a stripper is much more pleasant to watch.

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