Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lou Serrano Update!

Lou Serrano has been WMF for telling so much BS about the price of his steel ball routine. My main complaint was that there was no video of the routine. Now there is:

Of course it is cut at crucial moments. Of course the video doesn't tell us anything. Of course it is still a WMF.

The routine might be really nice, but not the way it is advertised. A new set of BS-business speak has been added. When asked how much it costs:

"This is one of my bread and butter routines, so I want to keep it exclusive and out of the hands of the merely curious. Therefore, I’m not selling this in stores or anywhere else on the web."

Why then sell it at all?

"I asked many of my magician friends who have seen my act at the Magic Castle, ...[Spot the name dropping!] ...what they would pay for this routine. Most of them said they would gladly pay $200 or more to learn all the work on this routine. Others have asked me to give them lessons on the routine, which would take a minimum of three to four lessons to teach in person. They would still have to practice in between lessons to get it right. My private lesson fee is $200 per hour which would equate to $600 to $800 for lessons on all the inside work."

So again Lou is justifing the value of his product. The price still is totally contrived as well as his private lesson fee. So to justify a price by telling another price of a different product is like lying about a lie.

Again: Lou! If you want the 117,00 USD that you charge, just ask for it, don't warrant it. The most honest answer for the question "how much?" would be: "117,00 USD, because I said so!"

Gee I am pissed of once again.

AND ONE MORE THING: He claims to be “America’s Leading Corporate Magician & Sales Entertainer” HOW CAN SUCH A CLAIM BE MADE? This is like saying, that I, Roland Henning, have won the "Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence" Such an award doesn't exist... oh wait, it does. Never mind!

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Intensely Magic said...

Lou could have a manuscript on the secret to immortality, but the sales material is so bush, I would never buy it.

I wonder if it appeals to anyone. I can't imagine.

Take care.....