Friday, July 17, 2009

Peter Loughran Weak: The Ultimate Cane

The dancing cane is a pretty old effect. And if done correctly pretty deceptive. Hardly anyone does it correctly. But what does correctly mean. It means that the cane is perfectly balanced, that during the dancing it remains perfectly vertical. Any tilting makes it look ugly and gives away the method. And a perfectly balanced cane is not easy to make.

Though it is possible to make a Fantasio vanishing cane into a dancing cane it is not recommended. The Fantasio canes are ways too heavy to be a good dancing cane.

So Peter Loughrans idea to combine the two is not the brightest idea. Or as he claims on his website: "another brilliant masterpiece".

Another problem: When something burns it gets lighter (most of the time) so the longer the cane burns the lighter it gets, ergo the balance of it will be off. And does adding fire add anything to the effect? (Btw, adding fire has been done before. Dirk Losander sells a dancing candle.)

So nothing is new about the Ultimate Cane: Not the vanishing, not the dancing nor the fire.

Here is the video, again bad quality, Peter obviously hates quality.

You can see, that the can tilts to the right and to the left. This is ugly. This is a bad performance. Simon Drake did a much better version, here it is.

Simon is actually dancing with the cane. It looks good and it feels like the cane has a live of its own. The cane remains vertical, most of the time. This is a good performance.

In conclusion: Peter Loughran's Ultimate Cane is not so ultimate. It is not worth the price of 47.00 USD and Peter will not give you handling tips which will be worth anything, because his own presentation sucks.

Peter calls it: "one of the most beautiful effects in magic of our time" Yeah, right.
Tomorrow: Iron Garrote

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