Friday, July 3, 2009

Jeff McBride Is So Weird!

I just took a look at the DVD-Series on Manipulation by Jeff McBride. And damn that man cannot manipulate. I am not talking about his card stuff, which is ok. But his ball manipulation on that DVD. (All 3 of them) It sucks. It sucks balls, haha, pun intended. There was no colour change that looked half decent. His hands were shaking all the time and it look like he learnt the moves 10 minutes ago.

Sorry Jeff, but that was an insult to us.

To make up for his horrible mistake here is a colour change that I use. No side to side movement, all done at waist level. THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON THE DVD!

The pictures should make things clear.

This pisses me off, to see videos of magicians who teach techniques and a blind man can see how it is done in the performance part. Then in the explanation part it gets even worse. It flashes from all angles making it obvious that most of the taught techniques are crap and not useable in the real world. (Btw: The little colour change above is useable in the real world.)

This happens with a lot of performers, they are forced to do the video (by either money or praise) and they actually need to fill the time. So they learn new stuff just for the production. In Jeff McBride's case it was obvious: Pretty much all of the ball stuff was rushed material and most of the coin stuff as well.

And when he talks about "misdirection" it seems like he doesn't even know what it means. I expected more from a so called "thinker" who hangs out with Eugene Burger. Pointing to an imaginary spot in the air is not misdirection, it is an application of misdirection. But the real misdirection would be to create an atmosphere, that the mere thought of a hand, that goes out of sight could even do something secret, is not occurring.

Was this a productive rant? I don't know. Got misdirected, Am hungry now. 


KiKeNiCo said...

Business is business...and noone is safe: Daryl, Ammar, L&L crew, Wesley James (WTF?)

Roland said...

Wesley James, good one. He is pathetic.

PodMonkey said...

What's worse are Jeff McBride fanatics, who will defend, to the ends of the earth, McBride's superiority regardless of how elementary and poorly done his tricks are. Read the comments on this youtube video "McBride's Dancing Canes" and you'll see some ridiculous people. (btw, I'm Schattenbolt in the comments.)

Faces Of Magic said...

I think Jeff is the Bomb!His teaching technique is clear and understanding. I buy many of his products because he's the real deal.
Mark Presley
AKA Imaginator