Monday, July 6, 2009

WMF Kevin "Revolution" Parker

There are magicians who just put out quality, like Al Schneider. Not a lot, but good stuff. And then there are the quantity magicians like Jay Sankey. Most of what he releases is decent, but among all of this a few gems remain. And then there are those magicians who constantly release crap. Like Kevin Parker.

In an amateurish interview with Kevin said that he discovered his talent for creating magic tricks, after he created "Revolution" his coin vanish.

First: The idea is not really new.
Second: It is a bad idea to begin with.
Third: His execution made the method more obvious than it should be. 

I talked to many magic friends. They all agree, that he can do nothing right. Stay away from his products. I urge you to.

Here is another thing. His website is no longer continued and all the YouTube videos of him performing have been taken down by him. So unfortunately I have no "proof" how bad he is. You just have to trust me.

But his own words might help you. In the interview mentioned above Kevin was asked:

Where do you usually perform your effects? Where might someone expect to see you?
His answer:
"I only perform when I'm asked by aquaintances, or when I want to make a performance video."


Rosenkrantz said...

That interview was such an Epic failure.

KiKeNiCo said...

Yup...You know what's a failure too? Trying to sell the most standard (bad performed) peek ever for 20 bucks...and claim it's original...Something like "psychic sniper" or some bullsh*t like that if I'm not mistaken...Oh, and the production of cans of coke virtually surrounded (as long as they are surrounding someone right in front of you...) just wearing a oversize trench coat...Niiiice...

Kevin said...

much agreeed. good stuff written there. keep it up, i really enjoy this blog.

Roland said...

Thank you for the feedback guys. And yes, psychic sniper is bad. A friend actually gave it to me, after this post was made. I took a look at it and oh boy, this is bad. Might write something about it tomorrow.

Trickster said...

"I only perform when I'm asked by aquaintances, or when I want to make a performance video."

Phew, for a minute there I thought he was a performing magician. Let's not get all wound up in the negative, let's just be thankful he isn't out doing shows and making people think he represents a typical magician.