Saturday, August 1, 2009

Everything Jay

Having watched many, many Jay Sankey videos I have compiled eleven things that you need to become as creative as Jay Sankey:

1. dorky glasses
2. very, very little hair on the head
3. lots and lots of hair everywhere else
4. a failed career as a stand up comedian
5. stick to one sleight and apply it to everything (shuttle pass)
6. a really bad Twirl Change
7. take old principles, change just one thing about it and rehash it
8. get help from more skilled magicians like Richard Sanders
9. be Canadian
10. publish stuff, that you published before again and again

And most importantly; 11. If the magic impact can be rated on a scale from one to ten, ten getting the best reactions, make sure that ninety-five percent of your material gets a two or three. And only the last five percent gets a straight eight and a half.


darkstar said...

A friend once told me Sankey magic is like a Twinkie. There's a little cake but at it's heart it's all fluff.

Roland said...

Yeah but I am willing to forgive this little guy all the time. For he actually contributes to magic like no other.