Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just A Sunday Post #9

Just a card control designed to fool other magicians:

Have a card selected via the handling required for Marlo's Convincing Control. Instead of transferring the selection to the bottom, it is controlled second from the bottom. This is simply done by buckling the bottom card and therefore the selection goes second from the bottom. As the "false selection" - that is out jogged - is squared up, tilt the deck in such a way that the bottom card is visible. Most magicians (who know the technique) would expect the actual selection to be on the bottom, but it is not. (Those who do not know Marlo's Convincing Control might expect a break that is held below the selection which is assumed to be in the middle)

Then the deck is spread on the table (for those who thought of break) and the top card taken, flipped face up (just for those who expected a pass) and used as a pointer to show that the selection could be anywhere in the spread. The card in the hand is put back on top of the spread and the cards are scooped up. But start from the third card from the bottom. That leaves two cards "by accident" on the table. Those are simply taken and put on the top of the pile. (Furthermore confusing those who expect a stack)

Now the selection in on top. But most magicians are completely fooled by this.

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