Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Peter Loughran Week: SEEP

Peter has done it. He took an old principle, usually done with bills, and applied it to cards. So this is not new. ONLY $24.95 USD according to Peter. So rehashing a magic principle is worth ONLY $24.95 USD. And it is not done well. Cards have rounded tips, this is a problem with this routine. Bills do not have rounded tips, ergo they suit the principle much better.

The following is quoted from his website. My comment in the brackets.

-Seep can be performed with 2 normal borrowed playing cards.
(true with a little bit of preparation and a duplicate card)

-There is no force required.
(true, sort of... I go into detail a little later!)

-You can use any deck or brand of cards.
(absolutely true)

-The borrowed cards are normal and can be handed out for examination after the illusion.
(yes, I agree)

-Seep requires virtually no set up and can be instantly repeated even with different cards.
("virtually" means, yes it requires set up. And it can be repeated with different cards, and different gimmicks)

-Seep is easy to do and requires no difficult sleight of hand.
(well it is easy yes, but it can greatly benefit from sleight of hand)

-Seep comes with instructions, special gimmick and multiple handlings and performance variations.

I must give Peter credit though. Having the card that is penetrated "face out" does enhance the illusion. Just like a few basil leaves make a fat dish appear healty.

Now for the video, its intro is just way tooooooooooo long:

Talk about false advertisement. At 50 seconds into the video it says. "No Force Required". Well Sort of. The card that is penetrated needs to be a specific one. (Matching the gimmick) Ergo it is either forced or just taken. But "No Force Required" is so misleading it makes one think, that any card will do. And that is just not true. (Btw: At 1:05 you can see the secret.)

And to quote a friend of mine: "He rapes the cards." meaning his handling is stiff and the secret is apparent.

So is it worth ONLY $24.95 USD. No, it isn't! You can make this yourself, if you want to, the video above offers a exellent source of how not to do it and I suggest you use bills instead.

Tommorow: Peter Loughran's Entity

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