Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just A Sunday Post #10

Claimed to be an excerpt from the Geoff Williams/Scott Franz "Brain Candy" DVD.
Geoff Williams has a website too, that I urge you to check out.

He claims no camera tricks and tricky editing. Well if this is true this is either totally impractical, only looks real on camera or real magic. Well Fake or not, it got my head spinning and reminded me what real magic should look like.

That "Brain Candy" DVD is free, if you send him an envelope containing a self-addressed CD mailer that is pre-stamped ($2), he will send you a copy. So he claims.

To me he seems to be a funny guy. Funny enough to prank other magicians, making them think there is real magic. Or not.

On the website (link above) you will find and embedded video with a self levitation, that is too good to be true, but the premise so funny. Reminding me of the German collection of stories called "Schildb├╝rger" basically a small town full of dumb people who try and succeed to do weird stuff. Like carrying each other by the neck, except the last on who carries himself. And forgetting to make windows in the newly built town hall, so they take buckets, go outside and catch the lights in the buckets to bring it into the town hall.

The last one reminds me of something... Oh yeah, that Peter Loughran Frozen Glow thingy. I knew I smelt something dumb.

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