Sunday, July 19, 2009

Peter Loughran Week: Black Hole

Yesterday's chat with a friend.

Friend: wow you really have a problem with this guy PEter Loughram
Friend: poor guy
Friend: he's filling half of the blog
Roland: lol
Roland: it is peter loughran week
Friend: did he beat you up or something?
Roland: his products are sh*t
Roland: real bad
Roland: and he seems to think he is a creative gift to the world
Roland: well he is not
Friend: yeah I hate those guys
Friend: but here is the way I look at it:
Friend: those guys producing a lot of sh*t on the web..... they have an important function in magic
Roland: to get rich?
Friend: they are making it harder for a layperson to find exposure of good magic
Friend: good magic gets clouded by their presence online
Friend: and so,
Friend: when I do magic,
Friend: layperson see something they have never seen before
Friend: cause all they saw so was was Laughran stuff
Roland: well, OK, than this is how I see it...
Roland: then it is my function to rip on those guys
Friend: yeah you are good
Friend: it's making it even bigger for them in a way
Friend: their online presence gets amplified
Friend: the more sh*t the better
Friend: cause it hides real magic
Friend: real magic becomes like a needle in a haystack
Roland: well, yeah, but have you actually looked at the products that peter Loughran sells?
Friend: looking at one now
Roland: which one?
Friend: he's holding a chain
Friend: tying it around his neck
Roland: oh, that garotte thing
Friend: isn't that the Tenkai rope through neck thing?
Roland: pretty much
Friend: oh that blood is so cheesy
Roland: but without the rather convincing fake wrapping around
Friend: one wonders if this Peter Loughran actually knows he is a bullsh*tter, or if he really believes he is a master of magic
Roland: Hm, if you read is bio, that he has obviously written himself, I think he actually thinks he is good
Friend: he is terrible
Roland: his "ultimate cane is so bad"
Roland: dancing cane combined with the vanishing cane
Roland: the way he does it... horrible
Friend: I'm really surprised he hasn't come up with a torn and restored card yet. or his own 3-fly.... it's the typical trick for that sort of people
Friend: I must say that I also think people like Loughran damage magic. They pollute our reputation.
Friend: they are the cause for people not hiring us
Friend: cause they give magic a bad name.

Now.... to finish this week. Yet another item of the Peter Loughran product line. The Black Hole:

According to the website: "The Black Hole effect allows you to control, produce, vanish, steal, conceal, and change heavy and large objects at your fingertips. Produce a small tray with a bottle of wine and a full wine glass, visibly throw a large object into the air only for it to change into a silk and/or confetti in mid-air, steal and conceal dozens of coins, vanish full cans of soda, produce cutlery for an entire table, manipulate large and heavy objects that seem to come and go from nowhere. So many effects are possible with this deceptively simple gimmick. Requires no pulls, no black art and can be done in short sleeves! Geared for the street performer, this is the perfect utility device for not only the close up worker but also perfect for the stage performer. Your imagination is the only limit you have!"

Ok, how do I start? Oh yeah, have you every played with magnets as some sort of hold out. Usually you put them in your back pocket and use it to get rid of a coin and to get it back. Later one realizes that this is not necessary at all. Well the Black Hole ist pretty much that. Just not your pocket, but your back. Sure it allows for some interesting stuff, but this is not a new concept. So charging 44.99 USD is overpriced.

It says: "Geared for the street performer," I honestly don't know in what world Peter is living, but a street performer works completely surrounded. (that is 360 degrees) So something on the back will be seen. Because the Black Hole is not angle proof.

I only see an application in stage magic, making the whole advertisment a phrasemongering. This is false advertisment, and I don't even know if Peter is aware of that. If he is aware, then he is a sell out, if he is not, he is a poor soul who lives in another world. A world of smoke, cheesy music and low video resolution.

Well this ends the Peter Loughran Week. I was seriously thinking about adding a second week. But I will not. Let's just wait what silly next thing Peter will release. Maybe this time he will get it right. He is due to make a good one.

Oh Peter, one more thing just for you: Name your products less boastful, Entity, Ultimate Cane, Black Hole, Elevator, Rainmaker, Broom through Body, Head Rush, Irone Garotte, Seep.... all of those titles sound like some horrible suppressed sexual experiences. And be less megalomaniac. Claiming to have "created another brilliant masterpiece" is a sign of hubris which often leads to tragedy.

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Thibau said...

"Sure it allows for some interesting stuff, but this is not a new concept. So charging 44.99 USD is overpriced. - False advertisment."

These words say everything about Black Hole story.

Nice blog, good work!