Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More about our recent WMF

Just some thoughts:

Losander rehashes his old stuff. The floating ball became the floating table, became the floating baseball cap which became the floating haunted box. Isn't that a sign of missing creativity?

He came up with a way to let the thread move into the dancing cane after the performance. Since the dancing cane cannot be examined, isn't that kind of pointless?

The dancing cane (which is not his', as it originated not from magic thinking, but from dance) became the dancing wand and the dancing candle. Isn't that rehashing as mentioned above?

Same with his "loop work"...

He did this clip, claiming that being an original is rewarding and the best thing that can happen to you in magic.

Well being original AND creative will help a lot more, to becoming a good magician.

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Jake said...

This is horrible. He makes different products to appeal to different magicians. Duh. He's one of the best (if not only) master of levitation. This website is so dumb.