Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just A Sunday Post #95

Hey, wanna see an act that is totally not deserving masters of illusion:

I got a Nintendo DS... I know what it means to do timed action. My twitch skills are not up to par with FPS, but enough for simple platforming. Back to the topic.---

Jeff McBride is playing nothing but a video game here. Timed action to keep up an illusion. The illusion that Jeff McBride is a top player in the business. And as impressive as it might seem. Any 11-year-old will be as good as him within one day of practice. And the toys of the 11-year-olds are even brighter and more noisy.

Jeff McBride is doing no magic here. He's just playing with toys.


the Minutemen said...

No offence here, I recalled the first time the Mask Magician broadcast 10 years ago, the last episode he stated that his reason why he exposed those 'old' illusion is that kids interest in magic are dragged away by TV games and other gadgets - which was something I disagree 10 years ago.

However, take a look of all i products on phones and tablets, and the latest generations of video games... I am sad to say that the medium of entertainment / social network is much more advancing and entertaining than most magic shows, live or on TV / youtube...

It just too much to say on this topic, hope you understand what I feel once we do not need a flat TV to materialize anything on stage but simply a phone / tablet...

Seems we are in the transition stage of technology advance much faster than most magician thinking about the advance of magic by applying applicable technology.

Definitely a worthly discussion topic. Thanks for allow to post this comment.

Tomsk192 said...

My 12 year old, who is learning magic, detests this bloke. I just showed the clip, for the sake of balance, to my 5 year old. He said, "Daddy, that's cheating magic... The canes are on an invisible thread". Out of the mouths of babes. He was not interested in the lights routine at all. Food for thought.

Tomsk192 said...

Incidentally, they both think tricks like cups & balls, or torn and restored are 'real' magic. Both kids are hip to the internet, video games etc. It strikes me that to kids growing up now, magic with real, tangible, everyday objects is where it's at. More so, perhaps, than for my generation.
My 2 year old daughter, on the other hand, thinks that it's perfectly normal for cards to change colour, balls to appear under cups, and ropes to change length. Just everyday life in this house. (Sigh)

Anonymous said...

Mcbride is a Hack.