Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My NEW look!

Hi Folks,

Now I may have been around longer than the great wall of China (which I designed, by the way), but never let it be said that Barry Solayme isn't "down" with the kids. It's a fact that the younger stars of magic still look to Yours Truly as an icon not just of magic, but of fashion also!

Now if you compare the photo above to the portrait on my blog, you'll notice a couple of subtle differences. I'm talking Facial Fluff and Headgear, people! Don't get left behind, this look is "where it's at"!

A couple of hep young magicians, J-2-da-M and B. "Biggie" Smith, have already taken my advice. And let me tell you, their popularity has NEVER been higher!!!

Now I know they might look "scary". To some. But that's because they do "street" magic, and you folks have to be careful out there. It can be like the trenches sometimes!!

I remember one time, I was in downtown Albany, and a couple of "Wiseguys", as we used to call them, came over to see a trick. Well, they made out they were dentists, or lawyers, but I knew better. Anyway, after a couple of dozen of my ACAAN routines, I happened to mention I knew Charlie Luciano, and that it was because of ME, Barry Solayme, that he got the name "Lucky". When I looked up from the cards, they had already disappeared... Some folks know how to handle themselves out there on the "street", but it is NOT for the faint-hearted. Believe it!!!

Anyway, young Roland seems to have got the idea, if you check out his picture below. But Roland, you still need to work on the image a little bit. Make it more "Snoopy Dog Doggy", and less... well, friendly. I know you won't mind my mentioning it!!

This is Barry "Badabish-Badabong" Solayme. Comin' right at ya!




Trickster said...

Is that Wurzal Gummage?

Tomsk192 said...

No, it's Justin Miller ;-)

Unknown said...

wannabe hipsters with bad facial hair make me laugh. this look is going to seem as bad as 80's style "permanent wave" hair styles in about 3 years!

Still, the more losers sporting this ugly scruff, the better I look by way of comparison, which ain't saying much as I'm no prize pig...