Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WMF 52Kards

*sigh* I have gone over this many, many times before. Exposure is bad, as it tears down the image of magic, as it reduces it to mere trickery, is disrespectful to the creativity and wishes of the creator and overall seems only to serve the purpose to makes person exposing seem great. The last one is not true, as the praise and social feedback that the guy gets usually comes from a group of people, that treat magic disrespectful and have not at all understood what it is all about. Also it's an age thing. Young people tend to rebel against everything. Naturally they rebel against the claimed standard of magicians not to expose secrets.

So I am willing to give teenagers a bit of a slack when it comes to exposure. But not in this case, as the guy in question is clear an adult with the responsibility and all that bullshit!

Enter 52Kards a man from High Point, North Carolina. He studies electrical engineering and is far from being a irresponsible human being. Also he is a magician with a social life so it seems. A magician with fairly good card skills. (His Zarrow is way better than mine)

So he is exposing magic. One of the items in question: The Anniversary Waltz by Doc Eason. He explains it in detail. (The version also using a double backer). I know that Doc Eason knows about it. I know that Doc Eason wants it taken down.

So we have a dilemma here. I do a trick (not exposing it) and Jerry Sadowitz manages to get it removed. 52Kards does full on exposure and Doc Eason can do nothing. I think we need some sort of denouement for this type of situtation.

52Kards's comment after being called out for the exposure on that trick:
"Sure seems like the magic industry did a good job on brainwashing you! I can't blame them, its more money in their pocket! I don't think there is anything unethical or immoral about teaching a card trick. In no other field do you see people attempt to restrict the passing of knowledge the way that some magicians do. It truly fascinates me."


It's not about the money, its about respect to the creator. If he wishes his material not to be exposed, you should really think hard about respecting the creator. If you don't I guess there is not moral arguing as there is not moral obstacle preventing you from exposing the magic that you like to people that will praise your disrespect.

Usually exposure is done by saying that it is teaching. Why should you teach people a trick? Sleights I get. Seriously. If someone has trouble with a French Drop, a tutorial might be a good way to get rid of the trouble. But if you teach a whole One Coin routine you do too much. Disconnected from the effect I have no problem with magic stuff being taught. But if you go into the realm of whole routines, you are no longer teaching what people have trouble with. You are willfully exposing magic. And I cannot bear that by being silent about it. That's one of the reasons I have this blog.

This weeks magic failure is 52Kards.


Tomsk192 said...

Spot on. He follows loads of magicians on twitter- I wonder, would they agree with his bogus rationale? Hmm, probably not... Maybe he'll follow the example of Andy Field.

darkstar said...

Too bad he doesn't give it the name Walton gave it (cough)

Tomsk192 said...

He doesn't mention anyone at all. Walton, Eason, nobody. Besides, apparently these guys are "the magic industry". But then again, I must be "brainwashed". (All those years spent as P.O.W. over at Theory 11)

Justin said...

It's actually Paul Cummins' version of Walton's effect.

Tomsk192 said...

That's another person who doesn't get mentioned... Who came out with the very popular 'romantic' presentation though? (genuine question)

Barry Solayme said...



darkstar said...

They had card tricks then?

Barry Solayme said...

Why I oughta....


Doc Eason said...

Chaudhry has taken down the Anniversary Waltz tutorial... one small step for mankind.

Anonymous said...

How's you ever learned anything on magic? Huh? He#s explaining and teaching others. You're the one who understood nothing on magic, when you need to use it as your resort to upgrade your cheap aplomb, to overcome your inferiority complex with. You can't stand it if anybody can perform the same like you, so you're nothjing special anymore, as you've apparently no other capabilities to upgrade your self-assurance. Imagine everybody of every profession or handicraft in humans history would have had the same imbecile attitude. We would still live on trees. To share knowledge with those who are interested in it, enriches both the teacher and his pupils. You're not the appointed mother of or caretaker of the audience. Everybody has his own will to decide, if he want to get a secrect revealed, a illusion destroyed or not. This is what everybody is responsible for in the first place. Who doesn't wanna become a magician, should not ask for learning magic tricks. And on the other hand who can't stand and enjoy not to know how a illusion works CAN or yet should ask somebody. It's not your busimness, as people who are willing to pay for performances of magicians and don't want to get their illusions destroyed are not those who either learn magic tricks or would ever ask for to reveal it. And moreover it's not up to you to condemn self-determined men who've decided to know more or even everything on magic business and those who are teaching them. Keep your medieval attitudes below radar level. You#re so outdated. Over hundreds of years people teaching each other magic. Just because you get aware of it first now due to the internet, doesn't mean it would be a new phenomenon that had to bother you. Mind your own business. People, who wanna get magic tricks revealed won't pay for shows anyway. And those, who wanna learn it, will have their own appearances and do it to entertain those, who don't wanna have the tricks revealed. It's as simple as that. Elitist pile of shit!

Aaron Larson said...

Here's the way I see it. I've learned slight of hand fundamentals from Asad as well as some basic tricks. You make the point of it being alright to teach slights but not full routines. I think you NEED to be taught full routines in order to make your own tricks eventually. Just knowing card slights will get very few people very few places. Asad shouldn't be trashed because he's a teacher. Someone has to teach magic at some point in time.

Hugh Jarce said...


the issue is whether or not he is teaching other people's material without permission. That's all.

Double Deal said...

Here's 2 simple thoughts.

1. It's ok to teach your material to the whole friggin world as long as they are paying you. (you care about CASH not guarding secrets)

2. The majority of your material is based on "moves" you stole from magicians long dead and gone so you rationalize these moves are yours. LMAO

You're all hypocrites.

My advice: Go back to school. Get a real career and fckn stop whining.

Houston Curtis said...

Magicians need to get over the way things USED to be and deal with the way things are! Youtube isn't going anywhere and Asad has inspired more people to do magic than anyone who is commenting on this board. That is just a simple fact!

I think he is great...and I've been doing magic my entire life just like all of you naysayers out there. He is here to stay...and Magic will be better off for it!

Houston Curtis
The Card Hustler