Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I miss my Magic in a Dance Show!

What's up with illusionist and dancing. I never quite understood the connection. Do I need to dance too if I do my street show. Will that help me get bookings. When I go to a magic show I expect to see magic, not dancing. Otherwise I would go to Riverdance.

Yes, magic happens, but the dancing is clearly time filler. And that is true most of the time. I understand the eye candy function of a female assistant. And I also understand that she needs to wear very little clothing, because without it the magicians seems rather pale.

To me this is the same as wearing a Rolex, having a big car, an Apple and a big fucking dick. If you need that... maybe your magic is what needs the pimping. Just saying. This is not about Jan Rouven, this is more a general thing about illusions shows. Loud music, mostly the most recent hit, fireworks near the end and lots of dancing. I miss magic.

Here the dance is actually quite motivated:

PS. I am not even trying to go into this whole issue about feminism and how badly it is treated in a magic show as the females, even though often powerful are without character and without purpose aside from the eye candy and the torture devices!


Tomsk192 said...

Amusingly enough, the lyric in the first video says "I'm not here for your entertainment..." Genius.

terran said...

also the song itself is about masturbation

classy :D

Tomsk192 said...

So that adds up to.... sophisticated post-modern irony or....boring wank?

Watkinzez said...

I liked the the one with the girls. It was entertaining and hilarious watching them dance. I think a swimsuit ending would of made it for me.