Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Watching Oz Perlman's Born to Perform Card Magic for the very first time!

Never took at look at that. Now I am. Right now I am in the section where he talks about "Be Honest, you know that it is not Two Card Monte" by Brad Blaine...

He shows the two black aces, both are visible: "I want this image to sink in their mind... this is the retention that you want them to have"

To me it sounds like a man who really has trouble finding the correct words. A reshoot was obviously out of the question, as they needed to pump this video out as quickly as they could in 2003.

"'Where do you think the Ace of Clubs is?' They go bottom or top. As soon as they say that, I say 'How many times did I just move that over?' That's instant eye contact. As soon as you say 'how many times did I just move it?' everyone looks you right in the eye. When they look you in the eye you turn over the top card."

When I do it, people don't look me in the eye. Sorry I cannot share that statement. I cannot say that it works. When I ask that question they still burn my hands. They can't all have Aspergers!

Even though Mr. Perlman says in the beginning that this DVD is not containing filler material... the LePaul Spread is taught. What is this doing on a beginner's DVD?

Finished watching this. It really seems like a rushed product. I'm glad I never bought it.


the Minutemen said...

This particular DVD is below par when in front of Ammar's Easy to Master series. However, the new generation thought this DVD is the holy grail of beginners card magic DVD in region where I live.

There were once a serious flame wars on public forums for kids to defend the fame of Mr Pearlman is the best beginners teacher somehow 5/6 years ago.

When I look back, it all seems so funny and entertaining to watch this tiny industry where customers fighting each other for their favorite idol, rather than those publisher to say a darn word.

Funny, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I recall Michael Close tearing apart Oz's dvds in Magic Magazine. Close was diplomatic but scathing imo.

I knew Oz for a bit and he seemed like a nice enough guy, and he sincerely wanted to teach magic, but I think Penguin was in a hurry to get their in house talent/trick demonstrator to use credibility for the product.

It's still better than anthing Ellusionist puts out.