Thursday, June 30, 2011

WMF Jay Jay

First of all let me start by saying that Jay Jay is more subtle than his team mates. Gotta give him that. But nevertheless he is one of the many, many magicians who teach magic material that is not theirs to make money.

Freemagiclive is his website/blog. There he "teaches" free magic. Yeah it is free. Among the stuff he reveals: The principle of a crimp, rubber band magic, metal bending, the false transfer, applications of the key card, (palmed) card to pocket, the card rise and enough goodies to make you mad. Of course all without credit. But it all is just a scheme to make you buy stuff from him "store"

Here is one of HIS magic goodies for just seven Australian Dollars:

His store offers even more of other people's creation that he didn't improve on. Eddie Fechter, please roll over in your grave right now!

It is so sad. Jay Jay is actually a likable character. He is talented and generally not as dull as other performers. He has just chosen the dark side of the force.

PS: Such a hypocrite:


Arun said...

Did you actually see the video, Roland?

Arun said...

The P.S. one, i.e.